The Royal Wedding

This image was too funny, I couldn't NOT do something.


Thanks Wizard World! (especially you, Whit!)

Whit from Wizard World crossed my table at the Toronto comic con the other week and chatted with me a bit. Her compliments had me blushing, and again last night when I checked out the most recent issue of Wizard World digital magazine. Thanks again for such kind words.


Check out the latest issue of Wizard World (and all previous issues for that matter) here:



September 9th, 2010 event!

GRAND OPENING CHUCK AKUDU GALLERY! SEPTEMEBR 9th 2010. Going to have a couple pieces in the show, come by and check it out if you're able.



NSFW! My dip into voyeurism. okay it is safe for work.

Pen and Ink

Art reproduction Giclée print on fine artist archival sugarcane paper available for $60. 13"x15.5" Edition of 10. Original $650



My addition to the "Meant to Bee" group show at Dat Salon, July 8th.

Too many Arms... in Technicolor!


Woodburned Skateboard

Always love trying new ways of mark making. I remember spending time with my grandfather as a kid using his woodburning kit to make designs on Artist Conks (Shelf mushrooms that grow on tree wood) and I haven't drawn with burning since (aside from the video I posted just recently). As I worked on this I found easier, faster and more detailed ways to work with the medium. Great fun on this piece. Enjoy!


CBC Sports "Beard Yourself"

Some recent work with CBC Sports via Empirical, the JUST LAUNCHED "BEARD YOURSELF" Application over here... I developed the "Beard Yourself" logo and all the beards and thumbnails. COOL EH?! Go over to the CBC Sports Fan page and... check out the app and go beard yourself.


Quick painting

I really like this exploration of controlled linework and loose, random watercolour. I did it first at the comic con for a painting for a kid (see last post), and thought it might be a neat direction to explore. Thought I'd share.

Comic Con Comission drawings

Cap. America, Thor and Ironman

Jack Skellington and Alladin's Genie

Alice down the Rabbit hole.

The Little Mermaid

... and some lucky kid got this one for a deal and a half. He was a really nice kid so I wanted to do something extra nice since I had materials to do it.


Toronto Wizard World Comic Con

A big thank you to everyone who came to see me at the comic con this weekend. Thanks for spending some time with me and for some of you thank you for spending money on me. :) You guys keep me in business of creating. I hope see many of you at the upcoming FanExpo in August. I'll have new prints ready and, as always, doing commissions for anyone who wants one.

Thanks again guys, I had fun.




A couple things going on this weekend, come check it out if you're so inclined.

Got my newest (so new it's not yet completed) piece in a Skate Demo/Art Show/Party at the Sound Academy Saturday night. Worth checking out for sure.


and also I'll be exhibiting at the Toronto Wizard World Convention (comics, scifi, horror, video game stuff.) Come say Hi if you'll be there. Here's the link for even info.


Two Many Arms


The Oscars

Feeling like I never agree with the winning selections at the Oscars, I made this illustration.


Tenielle Jewellery Website

I recently designed the new website for Tenielle Jewellery. Check it out here.