Sims Snowboards : 08/09 Charm

Originally named the Glitter board, the name was changed since this version.
On sale at Sport Chek stores and Sportchek.ca

Sims Snowboards : 08/09 Evolution

Originally named the Odyssey board, the name was changed since this version.

Illustration T-shirts 06/07

The shirts were made as a fund-raising effort for the illustrations graduating class end of the year show. They were very successful, sales over 500 shirts.


Red Bull Big Bang Video

This video was constructed under the direction of Apparatus Inc. I don't remember the name of the guy who put the animation together (sorry) but it's based on the graphics I put together for this concert series. Enjoy.



The Day I found out the truth...

Most people I know had friends tell them about the wonder-crushing truth behind the man in red. I, however, found out completely by accident. I would write to Santa each year, and each year received a letter back. Obviously, I saved every letter because that dude is famous! What sparked my skeptism was a note my dad wrote me to excuse me from a phys ed. class one day. I recognized the stationary. So in CSI fashion, I compared the note to a letter Santa had written me, the paper was the same, the handwriting was the same, I brought the evidence to my dad and he confirmed my speculation. In that instant, my child-like wonder was lost. That was the day I not only lost Santa, but the Tooth Fairy, The Easter Bunny and the concept of magic all together. Crushed.


Lacerda Album Art

I created this cover (and full package design) for Lacerda's latest EP. They are featured in the October Issue of Alternative Press. You can check out their tunes at http://www.myspace.com/lacerda


Campus Vacations SnowJam Flyer

Illustration and Design for the 2009 promotion flyer for Campus Vacation's annual ski and snowboard trip. http://campusvacations.com/

'Toms Shoes' Customs

Shoes made for a Shoe Gala hosted by Toms Shoes. A great company who's core mission is to give free kicks to kids in need. For every pair of Toms Shoes purchased (customs or not) a free pair is given to a kid in need. Huge drops of thousands of shoes are dropped in South America and Africa. Pretty rad. The show was great and I'm stoked I got to be a part of it. I painted 14 pairs of shoes in two days to get stuff ready for the show. Any shoes not purchased are now on sale at Lileo in the Distillery District.


Redbull The Big Bang

Screen clip of some of my art work off the redbull.ca website for "The Big Bang" concert series.
I'm a little late on posting these links.
2 recent blogs I've been featured in.


thanks for the support guys!


2008 Toronto Fan Expo

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who I got to meet at my first FanExpo, and I don't mean the celebrities, I mean all the kids, all the fans and all the artists who came by and spent a fraction of their day to say hi and a few other brief words. Everyone who bought a print, I hope that you continue to enjoy it and a double thanks to you. But everyones kindness and support were incredibly inspiring. I'm so glad I got to share my work with you and I look forward to seeing all of you again next year. Be sure to drop me a line anytime you want. I'm always open to a quick hello and I'm always open for business.



Marvel 360

This is the poster print I put together for the Toronto Fan Expo. The poster is 18"x24" signed and numbered. There are 360 Marvel characters incase you wondered. Prints are also available upon request ($20+shipping, or bulk orders of 10 for $100+shipping), just send me an email! darryl7@gmail.com



The Typical College Freshmen

written by Ryan Bolton and myself.


Say Wha?! something traditional?

The product of a couple small art jams up at Andrew Patterson's place. I just felt like painting an ape. Might paint some more animals... a tiger... a rhino maybe. I dunno.


A couple drawing that passed the time while I waited for the convocation ceremonies to end.


Olde Ironman

Prints will be sold at the Toronto Comic con later this summer. But are also available on request.


Olde Wolvie

Prints will be sold at the Toronto Comic con later this summer. But are also available on request.


Kenny's Alter Egos

A piece made for Kenny Hotz of the TV show "Kenny Vs. Spenny" depicting a few of many characters that he's created through the duration of the show.