2008 Toronto Fan Expo

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who I got to meet at my first FanExpo, and I don't mean the celebrities, I mean all the kids, all the fans and all the artists who came by and spent a fraction of their day to say hi and a few other brief words. Everyone who bought a print, I hope that you continue to enjoy it and a double thanks to you. But everyones kindness and support were incredibly inspiring. I'm so glad I got to share my work with you and I look forward to seeing all of you again next year. Be sure to drop me a line anytime you want. I'm always open to a quick hello and I'm always open for business.



Marvel 360

This is the poster print I put together for the Toronto Fan Expo. The poster is 18"x24" signed and numbered. There are 360 Marvel characters incase you wondered. Prints are also available upon request ($20+shipping, or bulk orders of 10 for $100+shipping), just send me an email! darryl7@gmail.com