It's Christmas time again.

Merry Christmas, everyone. Or Happy Hanukkah... or Seasons Greetings for the rest.


Kessels Kramer New Tapestry Project

I was invited to participate in the new project by Kessels Kramer. The project is basically a recreation of the old Bayeux Tapestry, which depicted the major news events of 1066. The project is being called 'The New Tapestry', and it consists of illustrators from around the world, contributing black and white images depicting the major news events of today.

I was given 'Week 7' of 2009 to illustrate, (Feb. 9th - 14th). I went with the news article about the US Senate approving Obama's $838bn Economic Stimulus Plan right after a $1.5 trillion Bank Bail Out.




Event Flyers

*Yes, I know I used the daft punk image at the bottom of the halloween flyer, but I was asked to use it. My idea for the skulls inside the helmets though... that's something...



The H'Art Attack Show opened this past Friday night and it was great! Thank you for everyone who showed up and supported local art. The talent was great, some really stunning photographs and some beautiful mixed media and paintings. The show runs all week long so if you're interested in swinging by please do so! It's at The Sleeping Giant Gallery, 789 Dundas St. W (near Bathurst) Toronto, ON.


Zombie Apocalypse Preview

A snippet of 1 of 3 new watercolour paintings by your favorite person named Darryl Graham. A step away from my modern oldies style but this is what I wanted to paint, ok?! Golly.


I want your body.

Potatoe people comics just for fun.


Applied Arts Award

The illustrations and design I did for Andrew Livingston's student concept for a Doritos campaign recently won a student award from Applied Arts. Check it out here.


Grub Cananda

My second website this summer (and ever) to be launched very soon for Grub Canada. A online food ordering site that compiles all the take out and delivery locations in your area for a convenient one stop place to order from all your favorite restaurants online (even ones that don't even have wesbites). Check out the site here. (if it doesn't look like the image the new site hasn't launched yet, still works though!)

My first Website

So I completed the design on my first website. Check it out. Campusvactions.com


Disney buys Marvel Comics

So how ironic it is that Disney buys Marvel comics. I suppose my old throwback cartoon style series of Marvel characters are a little more relevant now! haha.



This post is to thank everyone who stopped by and chatted with me or bought a print, or both! I had a great great time, although my throat was so sore and my voice sounded like I should be voicing a movie trailer for a horror movie.

For those of you who dressed up, you looked great. I'm always impressed by the hard work, creativity and inventiveness you all have.

I look forward to seeing all of you next year and hopefully with a recovered voice.

Drop me a line anytime at darryl7@gmail.com


Cloud and Sephiroth

A couple prints for the Toronto Fan Expo, a 2 print set for all the Final Fantasy / Kingdom Hearts fans out there. The two classic characters decked out in the attire represented in the Kindgom Hearts video game.

Ol' Hulk

The third in the 1930's Marvel series. New for this year's FanExpo in Toronto. See previous posts of Iron Man here and Wolverine here.

Thanks to Popeye's Bluto for being a wonderful reference and total inspiration for this print. haha.


Forgotten concepts

Here are a couple concepts that I made that didn't get approved but I still really like them. I was just organizing my files and came across them, and I thought it was worth posting. See the sweet imagery that was approved here.


Harry P Homeboy Tee Prints

Alright you nerds, here are printable tshirt iron on images to make your very own Harry P Homeboy Tee's. My lady and I have got ours set for tomorrow's midnight screening, haha. I'm proudly ashamed of my own nerdness. I used 2 8.5x11 sheets of iron on transfer paper to print these out as large as I have it. But you can print smaller if you want. IMPORTANT!!! Before you print on your iron on transfer paper (available at walmarts and staples) be sure to print it reversed (aka. a mirror image) because if you don't then you iron it on, the text will come out backwards. There, you've recieved your fair warning. ENJOY!

*Note: I don't have permission to use these characters, this is a zero profit, 100% fan art venture and if anyone uses these designs for profit I renounce responsibilty. Play fair everyone. This is just for fun.


good idea bad idea

For no other reason than I thought this looked cool while I was working on another project. haha.



A portrait of my Grandpa who passed last night. I love him very much.


Oil Wellness

recent scan from my sketch book.


Piece for the "As Much As Possible Show"

Sorry for the low Res. When the piece is returned I'll upload a quality pic.


Unused 3style concepts

These two I really liked, so I wanted to share them anyway. The top inspired by SoMe (whose stuff is too cool for school).


Something to check out.

Hey Fwends,
So A few friends and I have this creative exercise where one of us will draw a few panels to a comic, and someone else then writes the dialogue. The result is usually a hilarious little comic. I've decided to chronicle them on a new blog called "The Glass is Half Awesome". Please check it out and comment!





Featured in this month's issue of "Tales of the TMNT" Comic book.


Mad Love Industries Logo and image.

A logo and illo for new advertising & marketing agency, Mad Love Industries. See more at www.madloveindustries.com

For the Love of the Arts

Poster Design for CommUnity Arts Space's Annual event in Oakville. May 3rd.
More Details visit www.communityartsspace.ca


My 08/09 Electroshock inspires some dude.

This is great. The Sims Electroshock snowboard I designed inspired a dude to get a little creative.