Harry P Homeboy Tee Prints

Alright you nerds, here are printable tshirt iron on images to make your very own Harry P Homeboy Tee's. My lady and I have got ours set for tomorrow's midnight screening, haha. I'm proudly ashamed of my own nerdness. I used 2 8.5x11 sheets of iron on transfer paper to print these out as large as I have it. But you can print smaller if you want. IMPORTANT!!! Before you print on your iron on transfer paper (available at walmarts and staples) be sure to print it reversed (aka. a mirror image) because if you don't then you iron it on, the text will come out backwards. There, you've recieved your fair warning. ENJOY!

*Note: I don't have permission to use these characters, this is a zero profit, 100% fan art venture and if anyone uses these designs for profit I renounce responsibilty. Play fair everyone. This is just for fun.


good idea bad idea

For no other reason than I thought this looked cool while I was working on another project. haha.