CBC Sports "Beard Yourself"

Some recent work with CBC Sports via Empirical, the JUST LAUNCHED "BEARD YOURSELF" Application over here... I developed the "Beard Yourself" logo and all the beards and thumbnails. COOL EH?! Go over to the CBC Sports Fan page and... check out the app and go beard yourself.


Quick painting

I really like this exploration of controlled linework and loose, random watercolour. I did it first at the comic con for a painting for a kid (see last post), and thought it might be a neat direction to explore. Thought I'd share.

Comic Con Comission drawings

Cap. America, Thor and Ironman

Jack Skellington and Alladin's Genie

Alice down the Rabbit hole.

The Little Mermaid

... and some lucky kid got this one for a deal and a half. He was a really nice kid so I wanted to do something extra nice since I had materials to do it.