The Trump vs. The Rosie

This is based on the media battle between Donald Trump and Rosie ODonnell over the contraversial Miss America scandal. They fought this battle through TV shows (The View, Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight) who were more that happy to air the slander from one against the other.


Craziest Nap Dream

I just woke up from a Nap... and woke up up from an insane dream... it started off with Marco (my interpretive instructor) telling me to go to Aomeba Corp. to have my skateboard deck made. I met with a guy named Guasten (pronounced "Justin") who was distant but worked hard at creating the board giving it cool features like special die-cuts and glitter. I enquired about work oppertunites that this place and we mulled it over, his final answer was giving me boxes and boxes of DVD's and Magazines. At this point my girlfriend Amanda had shown up and I sent her off to buy a dollie so we could get the boxes home on the subway. In the lobby we were waiting for our taxi... and here's whee it gets supa-crazy... I'm looking out the window and hear a girl scream, I look up at a building face and a guy in a toga jumps out the window, but he's holding on to someone elses toga and 13 people fall to thier death. Firetrucks and tanks show up as more people start jumping off this building, I start recording it all on my digital camera's video feature and people in chipmunk costumes are jumping off and batman costumes and people who have long beards and stuff, they all jumped and then there was one guy, normal who jumped and when he hit the ground it caused a huge explosion which caused the tank to fly into and though the large lobby window Amanda and I were looking though. I grabbed Amanda and jumped back away from it all as the tank stopped in the middle of the lobby. Still video taping it all a fireman requests that Amanda go with him, but not me for some reason, putting trust in the fireman I let her go and start getting focused on what I'm taping, so focused I back up into a lady and she gives me a very dirty look. I try to give an honest apology but she wouldn't have it. Next thing I know she's telling her daughter about how much of a rude man I am. She daughter is Jennifer Aniston, who then decides not to let some 20 year old nothing be rude to her mother. So she starts laying into me about how I have no respect for the elderly and although I try to explain the situation and how I apologized she wouldn't have it. She says something like "I bet you think you're some kind of whole hearted kid, who gets away with everything from a smile." and it seemed nothing I could say would stop the Aniston tiraid. So I stood there and took it thinking "Man, Jennifer Aniston is really giving it to me." I tried changing the subject by saying "Ms. Aniston, have you met Guasten? He's a nice guy, unlike me." and then she made out with him immeadiately. And I walked away to look for Amanda. I woke up soon thereafter and I'm sure I left out many little funny details. But goddamn. What a nutty dream. So vivid. So Anistony.


Headlines Assignment

Self Destruction: Individual sized Doomsday