Red Bull Three Style

I got the happy opportunity to work with Red Bull (via Aparatus Inc.) once again. This time for their Three Style DJ Competition. Filtering across Canada, selected DJ's battle for best set to carry onto the finals in March. Think American Idol for DJ's, except take everything that's shitty out of American Idol, replace it with eyeball rattling awesomeness, and you have this event.

I was given the responsibility of coming up with the type treatment and Poster/event image. After a few revisions, some of which were painful for me to endur, we got ourselves a pretty decent thing-a-ma-bob. It was great sitting in on meetings and having a voice about how this event would look and to give the influence for how it was marketed.

Follow this link for the official Red Bull web page concerning this event.

Red Bull Three Style


Luchador Dortios Campaign Idea

These illustrations and design were done for Drew Livingston, a advertising student, for help with one of his projects. He brilliantly came up with the concept and all the hilarious text.