Disney buys Marvel Comics

So how ironic it is that Disney buys Marvel comics. I suppose my old throwback cartoon style series of Marvel characters are a little more relevant now! haha.



This post is to thank everyone who stopped by and chatted with me or bought a print, or both! I had a great great time, although my throat was so sore and my voice sounded like I should be voicing a movie trailer for a horror movie.

For those of you who dressed up, you looked great. I'm always impressed by the hard work, creativity and inventiveness you all have.

I look forward to seeing all of you next year and hopefully with a recovered voice.

Drop me a line anytime at darryl7@gmail.com


Cloud and Sephiroth

A couple prints for the Toronto Fan Expo, a 2 print set for all the Final Fantasy / Kingdom Hearts fans out there. The two classic characters decked out in the attire represented in the Kindgom Hearts video game.

Ol' Hulk

The third in the 1930's Marvel series. New for this year's FanExpo in Toronto. See previous posts of Iron Man here and Wolverine here.

Thanks to Popeye's Bluto for being a wonderful reference and total inspiration for this print. haha.


Forgotten concepts

Here are a couple concepts that I made that didn't get approved but I still really like them. I was just organizing my files and came across them, and I thought it was worth posting. See the sweet imagery that was approved here.