5:am Insomnia Skate

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Laying in bed, unable to sleep I decided to go for a 5:am skate. I had my digital cam with me so I snapped some pics and took some clips. After I montaged everything together the visuals matched up with the music REALLY well. (aside from teh obvious editing) stuff like me pushing off with my feet to the beat or passing sewer grates to the melody. Maybe it's just me. Anyway, I guess now I'll try the sleep thing again. Lates.


Working Narrative

Working drawings for a Narrative Assignment that is about moments that evoke memories. In this case me avoiding a puddle reminded me that when I was a child I not only walked through puddles, I splashed the hell out of them on my way through. Which inturn made me reflect on the present, and I splashed once again.


Holiday Illustration

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Just a personal piece, for fun.


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The task was to create an image about the word "hate" based on critera that made up a specfic genre. Mine were "City, Fiction, and Humour".

Animation from Last year.

Here's a screen shot...
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Here's the movie...

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Work in progress

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I'm currently making a simple after effects animation. Here's a screenshot.

Long time reader, first time blogger.

So this will be my first blog ever. I created this profile to showcase some of my illustrations, get feedback or maybe intice some jobs out of it. So from this point on I'll be posting work that I hope will only get better and better.